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Political Promotions

Almost each and every one the Internet users in India and 80% of them on social networks, the WIN and LOSS of any political party or politician are determined by their online campaigns. Political campaigns played a very big role in the recent election victories and continue to dominate the results.

Marketing Political Promotions

As the election fever is growing up in India, so the political campaigning is gaining momentum. Whatever the results after April, 2019, it is the marketing tools & strategies used by political parties’ professionals who are catching the eyes and minds of general voters. Campaigning for politician and political parties involves rigorous marketing tactics

Online Political Promotions

Day by Day the number of internet users rising drastically each year and according to a recent survey conducted India tops on the survey by a massive 20% increase in internet users. Some wonderful findings… As of today, India’s Internet Population stood at 375 Million (which is the 2nd Largest in the world)
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